What are the strongest key points to create an ideal kitchen in perfect restaurant?
Approved management tips from Trattoria.
How to create the art in your plate? Restaurant (small or big) is a synchronic symphony of kitchen and sala. Everything counts. Today we will tell you how our synchrony works from the kitchen.

Raw Materials
From buying the best ingredients to our suppliers, to creating the delizia on the plate. Any improvement focused on control purchases and control of our stocks will make our business as profitable as possible.
In addition, the ideal is to opt for a "seasonal cuisine", using the best quality - price per seasonality products. We buy the best we can find at any time in the market and based on that, we elaborate our letter.
We will buy the necessary, so we have the minimum possible product in stock, we have less money stopped and the product as fresh as possible.

Second, we must take into account the people who make up a kitchen. To achieve excellence in the kitchen, we have a perfect selection: Elena and her mother, who carry out the trattoria kitchen with all passion, love and responsibility. They are real professionals.
Also as a method to keep motivation high, align the objectives and have good communication between all team members in the kitchen. It is advisable to do a briefing every day, before and after each day or service. Although the ideal is at the beginning of the day, to talk about how the day is presented, the work that there is and another at the end of the service or day, to talk about how that service or day has gone. The best means of communication is word of mouth, I think it is a good tool and at cost 0. But even this one has to be worked on to make it work.

It's about giving us to know and teach what we know how to do ...

There is never a second chance to make a first good impression. A video, a photo, a live broadcast ... any time well told ... can be an impulse to win the attention of our future customers.

Hope you enjoyed reading our article. We are waiting for you to be the part of our symphony in Trattoria Siciliana.
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